Wow. Wow. Wow.

Married At First Sight season seven just had it’s first dinner party and the main course was certainly drama!

Now we’re not talking cheating scandals and red wine throwing but we are talking one hectic fight between two people – who aren’t actually a couple btw – that ended with the chick calling the guy a big ol’ C bomb.

And before you start getting mad at her… He ain’t innocent here.

Okay so here’s the gist, all of the couples showed up together happy and in love except for Hayley and David (AKA future toothbrush gate couple) which immediately sparked the interest of the fellow contestants.


While most couples like to claim that they like to stay out of other people’s relationships, it’s fair to say that a lot of people were siding with David in this relationship breakdown and as a result not too many people bothered to get to know Hayley.

That is until right towards the end of the dinner party, you know, when a couple or 12 vinos have been consumed.

At this point, Ivan, who is the hot head who yelled at his mum on his wedding day to bride Aleks, decides he’s going to go and properly introduce himself to Hayley.

Of course, while he brings his wine glass with him, he seems to have misplaced his manners and as he sits down next to Hayley his first words are, “You’ve been having f*cking dramas huh?”


Hmm not a good start there Ivan…

He then gracefully adds, “you’re the f*cking talk of the town,” referring to her relationship issues with David.

Of course Hayley is visibly pissed off by Ivan’s brazenness, and my god who wouldn’t be, so she starts throwing stones back saying, “you’re like a little weasel”. Good one Hayley!

Instead of leaving the conversation there, because clearly its going nowhere, Ivan tries to start over with Hayley, by reintroducing himself and asking what her name is.

She responds by picking her name card up off the table and throwing it up in his face before letting her anger really take over.

She stares him down as she says, “You’re a c**t”. Yep. She went there.


Basically it’s hilarious because Ivan’s ego is not only hurt by the way Hayley fought back with him, but he screwed up his own relationship in the process.

Early on in the night his wife Aleks had made him promise not to get mixed up in other couple’s drama but it seems Ivan just couldn’t help himself.

What a bloody dinner party. ‘Scuse me waiter? We need a wine too after that one!

Who else can’t wait to see what happens at the first commitment ceremony now? It’s going down Sunday night at 7PM on Channel 9.

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