We all know by now that they’re rebooting Gossip Girl with a new cast….

Ed Westwick ie) the OG Chuck Bass posted something suss as heck on Facebook, which announced that “something” is going to happen soon.

“Got a little something for you…tomorrow 1pm…hint…xoxo”

Uhhh firstly, sorry Ed but you saying xoxo is officially CREEPY now.

Secondly F*** YEAH! GOSSIP GIRL!


WOULD be your natural thoughts, and of course the world went CRAZY!

We all got so excited thinking maybe they’re announcing the cast for the new reboot or something.

But no, Ed Westwick is an Ed WestDICK.

and he’s just promo-ing a really great charity which is a really good cause and we should support him but IWANTEDGOSSIPGIRL.



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