The entire cast of ‘Days Of Our Lives’ have been released from their contracts, throwing doubt over the show’s future.

The soap, which has been going for more than 50 years, is expected to go on an indefinite hiatus at the end of November.

Thing is, while the cast have all been let out of their deals, is doesn’t necessarily mean the show has been axed, it means that they’re free to chase other jobs.

NBC is expected to decide early next year whether to bring the soap back for season 56.

Fox News reported that it was possible that the cast could be offered fresh contracts, albeit at a lower rate, which apparently isn’t an uncommon practice.

There’s a silverlining for fans though.

‘Days’ shoots 8 months in advance, so there’s heaps of eps still in the bank.


If the show was to continue, production is likely to begin again in March.


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