Australia has seen an epic victory over the weekend in the Women’s T20 World Cup Final.
Winning with over 80 runs in a stadium filled with almost 86, 000 people with a PERFORMANCE BY KATY FUCKING PERRY. 

So much epic-ness happening in one place, yet the game was broadcast on GEM whilst Married at First Sight was broadcast on it’s main channel. 

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about this decision being sexist, but guys…. People on Twitter have already pointed out THE ASHES WAS BROADCAST ON GEM LAST YEAR TOO. 

Sport just can’t compete with MAFS, it can’t. I’m SORRY. 

It ain’t about gender!


The sexism argument is spearheaded by women in sport advocate Susan Alberti, who is also a former Western Bulldogs board member. 

“It is disgusting it is going to be on Gem and not on the main channel..”  Susan spoke to the International Women’s Day pre-match forum. 

And you know what, she does a lot of good, so keep fighting the fight girl. 

But this time I don’t think there’s a lot of ground under the legs you’re standing on!

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