WARNING: The below contains huge spoilers from Thursday’s episode of The Bachelorette. 

On the premiere episode, we saw AB refuse Becky’s rose and prematurely walk out of the mansion. Now, we’ve had another brutal rejection and it’s only the second episode. Yikes.

On the elusive Country Date, which saw Elly and Becky whisk away Harry and Shannon, the girls got the opportunity to have some fun cracking whips and chasing cows.

Elly and Harry had some one-on-one time and unfortunately, instead of forming a stronger connection, things went south.

Harry discussed his son which brought on the conversation of their 10-year age gap. He has a lot more life experience and Elly wasn’t loving it – and to make things worse, he didn’t even get a rose!


Elly then shoo’d Harry away at the cocktail party and he resorted to pleading with Becky to help him stay.

HOWEVER, Elly did give Harry a second chance and gave him a rose. The Bachie daddy lives another day.

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