Three girls… One bag.

The social experiment where three girls had the opportunity to make ONE of them happy… OR make all of them sad (+ Jackie O)

We still can’t believe this happened.

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Everyone’s favourite romantic comedy “The Other Woman” proves that 3 girls sleeping with the same guy can form an unlikely friendship.

Sleep with a girls man… she’ll get over it but steal her Chanel and you’ll never hear the end of it! So this week Kyle and Jackie O are putting Sydney women to the test…

If Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann can go from sworn enemies, to best friends… can strangers if given a couple of hours become frenemies?

Kyle and Jackie O have amazing handbags on offer (think Louis or Hermes) and a few lucky fashionista contenders… but there’s a catch! 3 girls will be placed in lockdown … but only 1 of the girls can bag the bag!

Will they put their differences aside (like Cameron, Kate and Leslie) and walk out with a mutually agreeable decision? 1 handbag… multiple girls… if there is no decision as to who wins the expensive bag Kyle and Jackie will destroy it right before their eyes!

Take home the most unexpected threesome. The Other Woman, available now on Blu-ray & DVD.

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