Prepare yourself, because this could be one of the strangest stories you’ll ever read about a celeb.

According to US Weekly (so we’re already questioning the legitimacy of it!), Tom Cruise doesn’t use the toilet.

We’re not saying he doesn’t go to the toilet though, because…

He poops in buckets.

Not just that, but he stores his stools in Tupperware to be examined by a doctor.

Apparently (note our skepticism), the star has his stools tested for chemical imbalances so that he can fight premature aging.


Based on what the doctors find in the samples, the 53-year-old then alters his diet to help reverse the clock.

The magazine goes so far as to claim: “An assistant collects the samples for testing. They can only be picked up after he’s left the Winnebago trailer on the movie set”.

A source close to the star has already labelled the claims “ridiculous”.

And to be honest, we’re for once siding with the unknown source on this one!


h/t Gossip Cop

Photo: Getty

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