Marrying a complete stranger is never not going to come with controversy but for new Married at First Sight contestant Deborah, it was the worst.

The 53-year-old model said her decision to appear on the show has come at a huge cost.

‘With my family, it caused a lot of mixed emotions, because everybody had their opinions about the show,’ Deborah told The Fix.

‘Actually, it caused a lot of conflict in my family, and I lost members and friends, and I’d never had that happen before, because people have really strong beliefs in this area.’

Deborah was a model in the 1980’s and has spent her life jet-setting around the world. She has appeared in 64 television commercials, three movies and thousands of photo shoots throughout her career.

The reason why she appeared on the show was because she had never had time to settle down to have a family due to her commitments.

She told The Fix when she was modelling they ‘weren’t allowed to fall pregnant’.


However, her new quest for love has left her friends and family divided but she forged ahead because As you get older it gets harder, so I’m getting fearful that I’m going to be on my own for the rest of my life,’ she said in her show bio.

‘I want to be married, I haven’t been married, I would like to have somebody to experience my life with and I would be just nice to be in love.’

Married At First Sight returns to Channel Nine on January 30.

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