Summer Bellessa, a mother from Arizona is an actress, former model and pretty stylish! She also thought it would be fun to let her 3-year-old son, Rockwell, dress her for the week! 

She said on Babble “This idea stood out to me because, as a mom, I’m always the one telling people what to do, what to wear, where to sit, what to do once they sit, etc. I thought it could be fun to let my little guy tell me what to do for a change.”

Apparently Rockwell got right to work! 

“He took the responsibility pretty seriously, and wanted to make sure he was making good choices, like I do for him.”

At first she thought his fashion sense was pretty great… but then his imagination kicked in.

He put her “Bob Dylan tee, with a grey skirt and tights. Fabulous choices Rock” she said. But then he pointed at her nude heels, “Are you sure you want to pair these tights with these shoes?” She asked. “Yup,” he added without hesitation. “And the blue sweatshirt.”


“He just grabbed the first thing he saw, and then pairing them, he always had a thought process,” she said. “You have to wear a flower dress with flower socks, and both of these shoes are animal print, etc. I loved to see how his mind was working.”

His choices made her “smile throughout the day, each time she looked down.”

Now thanks to Belless’s #ToddlerStylist hashtag other mums have now started letting their own kids do the same! 


Would you let your kid style you for the week?

Source: SummerBellessa

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