There’s likely to be two new faces, not one, on the next season of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne with Lydia Schiavello expected to also quit the series.

Already Chyka Keebaugh has announced she will not return if a fourth season of the Foxtel reality show goes in to production.

Now Schiavello’s role is in doubt after she all but confirmed another season would be made but refused to say if she would be a member of the cast.

She also pointed out another season may have to wait until after The Real Housewives Of Sydney is shot.

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“There is and will be, I’m pretty sure about that, a fourth season but we don’t know if Sydney will be filmed first before Melbourne,” Schiavello told AAP.


“Yes a decision has been made (about my future) but I can’t say.”

It’s possible Schiavello’s fate will become clear when The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Reunions special airs on Sunday night on Foxtel’s Arena channel.

If Schiavello does depart it will not be that much of a shock.

Her future, and that of Pettifluer Berringer, as ‘Housewives’ was at the crossroads at the start of last season.


Keebaugh’s departure was of her making, but she said Schiavello and Berenger were close to being axed a year ago.

“It wasn’t me (who was going to leave at the end of season two), it was Lydia and Pettifluer. That was a decision the producers made, it had nothing to do with us,” Keebaugh said.

“It was all about how it was going to work with eight housewives but my leaving has nothing to do with anything that happened on the show.

“I made the decision to leave. I thought three seasons was a good run for me … I feel the timing is right. I’ve always known I’d never do more than three seasons.”

The Reunion specials have become a place for the Housewives to air their dirty linen and square up.

The first reunion produced one of the lowest points when Gina Liano called Andrea Moss, “an insignificant arse hair”.


Moss did not return for season two and Keebaugh says it was one of many low points in the series.

“The language does my head in. I do not understand why people have to speak to each other in a way that is not positive,” she said.

The Reunion special will be hosted by designer Alex Perry who says “it’s always the hardest working day of my life”.

* The Real Housewives of Melbourne Reunion Special screens Sunday, May 15 at 8.30pm on Arena.