As far as we’re concerned, Pitch Perfect 3 is Elizabeth Banks’ brainchild. 

She has produced and featured in the first two movies – and made her directing debut in Pitch Perfect 2.

So you can understand our disappointment when we found out that Banks will not be directing the third installment!

How much will this change the tone and hilarity of the third movie!?

A saving grace is that she will still be producing the movie and will reprise her role as Gail the American Acapella ‘Commentator’ in the movie. 


Banks’ has attributed a full schedule and too many commitments as her reason for stepping back from the third movie. 

Also parental duties mean she just won’t have the time. 

“My parental responsibilities are the reason why,” Banks said at the Producers Guild’s ‘Produced By’ conference.

“The new schedule butts up against my parental responsibilities in a way I’m not really comfortable with.”

It just won’t be the same!