Ever since video circulated of a woman hijacking a live Channel Nine news cross to report a missing wallet, she’s become the unofficial symbol of Melbourne Cup day.

We caught up with Shae, the woman responsible for gatecrashing the cross, and she answered the question everyone was asking… what happened to the wallet?!


“It didn’t have a drivers licence or a card or anything,” Shae answered.

“It was just a coin purse with $3 in it, right?” Jackie asked.

“Oh, so no-one was even probably looking for it!” Kyle squealed.

“Haha probably not,” Shae answered.

So, what happened to the purse in the end?!

“Yeah, we handed it in to security, which is in hindsight what I should have done at the start.”


Shae also said every person she knows has basically reached out to her since her impromptu TV appearance.

“What did your mum say?” Kyle asked.

“Oh she’s awesome! She’s so good with that stuff.”

“She doesn’t have the shits at all!”

“Now I’ve said it’s the other kid’s turn to step it up.”