The Irish sure know how to turn on the charm, and judging from this proposal video people across the world will soon be upping their game when it comes to asking their partners to tie the knot!

Gavin Fogarty has delivered what is possibly the most perfect proposal video we have ever seen.

He filmed his girlfriend, Ciara Burke, and their daily lives for EIGHT MONTHS and then stitched the clips together into one long love diary.

There’s a counter in the bottom left corner which shows what day a particular clip was filmed and it all tickis along to the magic sound of the Delorentos.

While they watch the video unfold before them, the viewers can see their reactions and we have to say – the little kisses he keeps leaning in to give her are just the sweetest thing.

We won’t ruin the end (although I’m sure you’ve a fair idea of where this is going) but if you manage to make it through to the last few seconds without crying then you are made of stone.

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