It’s been a while since we have heard from Chewbacca Mum but she is truly living the famous life in the States.

Having posted her first video on Facebook and it being watched by over 120 million people inside two days, it was a sharp rise to fame.

And fame has it perks.

Money perks.

Chewbacca Mum, according to Money, has received over USD$420,000 in gift vouchers and perks since the video was first seen.

It includes;

$3,000 in gift cards from Kohl’s (the store she purchased the mask from)
$5,000 in travel expenses for talk shows.
$2,500 in gift cards from Hasbro (the maker of the mask)
$7,500 Disney World vacation for the family (Disney own the rights to Star Wars)
$2,500 for the VIP treatment at Fan Expo Dallas
$400,000 in college scholarships for her family from South Eastern University.


ALL of that comes from wearing a mask.

Imagine if we had thought of wearing that mask..


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