Finding Dory took over $136million dollars over the weekend, so it’s likely most people have seen it.

The more you watch it, the more you realise how well it has been done by Pixar.

There is one thing you may not notice, that the voice of Nemo has changed.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise though, it has been 13 years since the original movie came out, so the original voice actor, Alexander Gould, is now in his 20s.

This time around, the voice is done by 12-year-old Hayden Rolence and the director Andrew Stanton felt like he had to do something to remember the original voice.

And they did just that.



Towards the end of the film, Dory and her cankerous new friend Hank, a septapus, hijack a truck carrying fish from the Marine Life Institute from two humans.. and well one of those voices is ALEXANDER. 


This movie is so good.

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