We’ve already heard her name, Lucy Durack,  being thrown about as guesses for ‘Cactus’ on The Masked Singer.

However, this is pretty much all the evidence I need to be 100% sure.

Lucy Durack is Sydney’s musical sweetheart, a very talented woman who’s best known for playing ‘Glinda’ in our production of Wicked and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical – both of which I’ve seen, both of which are GREAT productions.

This investigation is based of this clue released by The Masked Singer show team.

“I once ran a cross country race wearing these spice girl platform shoes,” it reads.

The comments are all convinced it’s Lucy.


But it’s a recently re-surfaced instagram post on Lucy’s page that’s the cincher.

“Spice Girls reunion! I am honestly as excited about reuniting with these girls as I would be if the actual Spice Girls reunited.”

“And anyone who knew me in the ’90s knows that I wore platform sneakers to our school sports carnivals.”

And there you have it!

Don’t say I never did anything for ya!



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