An online retailer is searching for a Friends superfan to sit on the couch and watch Friends… and pay them $1000 for it.

It’s all to mark the 25th anniversary of the hit show, but I have to say, the task itself is a bit weird.

You’re not even expected to watch the whole series.

Frontier Communications just wants the fan to watch just 25 hours’ worth.

So, roughly 60 episodes… just one-third of the entire series.

(We get that it’s in line with the whole ’25 year’ thing, but why not really make it a proper binge marathon, yeah?)

To prove the person is actually watching the series, and not just recounting from memory, the company wants the winner to live-tweet throughout the 25 hours and post a selfie with their real-life friends.


“We’re in search of the ones who know the quotes (“PIVOT!!”), the hilarious scenarios (the beef in the trifle, the Holiday Armadillo), and all the little details (exactly how many sisters does Joey have? What is Chandler’s job?) that make the show the tried and true classic it is,” their enthusiastic statement reads.

In addition to the $1,000 (which is just over $1400 Aussie bucks), the fan will also bag a 12-month Netflix subscription.

It’s not open to Aussie audiences but you might want to flag your American mates to apply by September 3… which includes the question: “Who do you think was right about The Break – Rachel or Ross? Why?”

Friends is leaving Netflix in 2020.

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