Congratulations to Offspring’s Kat Stewart and her husband David Whiteley who just announced the arrival of their baby girl. 

Georgie, aka Gigi for short, was welcomed into the world on March 16. 

And while she didn’t intentionally try to keep it a secret, having lots of family time at home has meant the world did not find out until now. 

“It wasn’t a conscious thing (to keep Gigi’s birth secret),” Stewart told The Daily Telegraph. 

“I haven’t been hiding her. I’ve just been pottering around at home.”

And there’s no rest for the new mum, who is straight back into shooting scenes for the upcoming season of Offspring (yay!). 


Gigi will be joining her on set, however, alongside Asher Keddie’s one year old son, Valentino. 

“Gigi is a very pleasant surprise. I’m only five weeks in,” she said.

“I wouldn’t normally go back to work this early but Offspring is a family.

“Archie [Kat’s four-year-old son] was on set with me when he was really little and I’m doing the same with Gigi.

“We’ll have Asher’s little boy here too. It is a family-friendly atmosphere.

“It feel really right and really nice. I think it will only enrich the experience of doing the show having them around.”


Stewart was also excited to work with Asher again and reprise their roles in the well-loved Aussie drama. 

“It is so lovely to be spending time with Asher again,” Stewart said.

“We haven’t seen much of each other since the last series and Valentino is a gorgeous little boy.”

Bring on the next season of Offspring! Nina and Billie together again! 

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