“I can’t go back and keep making the same mistake when I can make new ones.”

Fifteen years after we first fell in love with Bridget Jones, she’s back with the latest trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby!

While Hugh Jackman’s Daniel may have left the scene, he’s this time been replaced by McDreamy himself – Patrick Dempsey. And yes, he’s just as dreamy as ever.

Facing off against Bridget’s long-time love, Mark Darcy (aka Colin Firth), the latest film promises for plenty more awkward moments.

This time, as the title suggests, there’s a baby involved.

The problem – Bridget doesn’t actually know who’s the daddy.


Yep, as we said, prepare for a whole lot more awkwardness!

The film’s set to hit cinemas at the end of the year which means it’s time to get out the granny-undies and have a binge on the first two flicks.