Although it is nearly winter, we seem to still be getting days where it’s really quite hot.

There is nothing better than sipping on a Coca Cola or may be even a Sprite on a day like that.

Well, whatever takes your fancy, it’s the best.

The thing is, you probably wouldn’t reach for the ones that are above because you will find yourself in gooey, sticky icing.

Amazingly, the drinks above are made entirely of cake but look like the real thing.


So it’s not exactly the best thing on a hot day.

However, if you are keen for a bit of cake, you might want to know that the Coca Cola is made of NUTELLA. So I mean, good luck avoiding it.


If you love a bit of Matcha, then head for the Sprite, or if Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are your thing, then head for Fanta!

🍔🍟 Soda cake🍟🍔 Who cares where the cup is, buttoms up! One bottle each i said from yesterdays video post. If you have not seen the inside of this cake you should go check out that video now. just scroll back one post on my feed.  Flavour profile:  Sprite cake- Matcha Coca cola cake- Nutella #coke #cocacola #sprite #soda #softdrink #fastfood #cakeporn #foodporn #foodgasm #cakegasm #sydneyfoodie #foodie #sydneydessert #sydneyfood #nomnom #getinmybelly #lickyourphone #bakedbyandres #nutella #matcha #greentea #🍵 #chocolate  Thank you @the_erik_lee for capturing the video for me and @ningjaeats for the help of the cake dissecting method 🙂 For all orders please email For greentea matcha powder that i used for this cake please visit @zenwonders_matcha ☺️

A photo posted by Andres Fatso (@bakedbyandres) on

The unbelievable creations are the work of Sydney baker Andres Fatso. 

Sorry? Sydney? That’s real close.



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