They look like they’re straight out of the movie Avatar and we want one ASAP!

The dolls were created by Babyclon and as the video below shows they are incredibly realistic.  

The dolls’ appearance have divided many on social media. Some think they’re adorable, while others think they look scary.

 One Instagram user was convinced the dolls were real life babies painted blue to look like the creatures.

What makes the dolls look so real is a material called platinum medical silicone, which is the most flexible, elastic and resilient there is in the market. 


‘This silicone has very little oil in its composition, which makes it last longer and doesn’t transpire oil with the pass of time,’ the Babyclon website states. 

The Spanish company makes a range of lifelike dolls which retail for more than 800 Euros. If you’re in the market to spend the big bucks, make sure yours comes with a chip and certificate of authenticity.