These Canadian brothers invented a new way to get a tattoo that only lasts two weeks.

It’s called inkbox, and it uses organic ink and stencils to create a temporary tattoo look.

At the moment, they have products where you apply the ink to your skin using a stencil, but they have a Kickstarter page to fund their new system.

This is a video of their current system:

1. Wash and dry your skin. Then place the adhesive stencil on your desired location (arms work the best!)

2. Fill it in with our fruit-based ink (it’s just like icing a cake – make sure it’s thick!). Then let it dry for 1.5-2 hours (don’t worry you can move around)


3. Remove, very lightly wash the tattoo and surrounding area with soap and water and let the magic happen. Your tattoo will take 12-24 hours to fully develop.

But with their new system – it would only take 10 minutes to apply! It is similar to the way you would apply Australian flag tattoos on Australia Day, or Freddo Frog tattoos.

Application in 5 easy steps:

1. Peel the back off of the inkbox.


2. Place it on the skin where you want your tattoo to appear.

3. Run the provided towelette under water for 3 seconds.

4. Put on the provided black tattoo glove and hold the towelette over the black square in the middle for 10 minutes, with firm pressure.

5. Remove the stencil and wait.

The tattoo magically appears over the next 12-24 hours. Perfect to put on before bed and then wake-up with a brand new tattoo!

The formula for the ink was inspired by indigenous tribe in the jungles of Panama who have been dying their skin for over hundreds of years. 


Each sale supports the Darien initiative, who help support the tribes of the area. 

H/T Buzzfeed

Because their ink comes from the rainforests of Panama

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