It seems as though Khloe Kardashian 32nd birthday party was not all as it seems.

In all the photos we have seen, Blac Chyna and the whole Kardashian clan look really, really close but apprently she wasn’t originally even invited.

Speaking to HollywoodLife a source said ”Rob and Khloe are as tight as a brother and sister could possibly be, but he wasn’t going to her birthday party unless Blac was coming.

Continuing on to say ”Khloe initially didn’t want Blac to attend because she still holds a grudge against her for attacking Kylie and believes her intentions with Rob are not on the up and up. But Rob hit Khloe with that reverse psychology, telling her that, if she’s all about family like she always proclaims, then she needs to respect Blac as part of the family, because in due time, she will be. Khloe budged and invited Blac.”

This is so confusing as they all ignored Chyna in this weeks Keeping Up With The Kardashians and now suddenly they are all pals.

Surely it won’t last long?!

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