It’s common knowledge that Masters will either completely disappear or heaps of their stores will shut down as Woolworths look to cut their losses from the DIY chain.

Well, it looks like a South African ”big box” store could be what replaces it!

There are 63 Masters stores that the store named ”POCO” could be snapping up.

It has the most distinctive colouring, with yellow and red making it stand out across South Africa and in it’s six stores they already have in Sydney.

They are looking to expand to 45 stores inside the next two years, with an eye of 100 being Poco’d within 5 years.

If you are wondering what the store will feature, it brands itself as ”Super Home Market” and sells a mixture of furniture, hardware and white goods that could take serious market share from Harvey Norman and the Good Guys.

Woolworth’s and POCO have yet to comment on the speculation.

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