The US studio that makes The Big Bang Theory is doing a spin-off of the show.

The comedy, which has been a top-rater for Channel Nine for almost a decade, is one of the most successful shows in the world.

However, it is now in its tenth season and will not be renewed by the network.

Instead, there will now be a prequel season which will tell the pre-Big Bang life story of the show’s favourite breakout character, physicist Sheldon Cooper.

The new series will have the same creators, Chuck Laurie and Billy Brady and the main cast of the Big Bang Theory are set to return.

Over the last ten series, we had learnt that Sheldon’s father died when he was 14 and that will likely be a major story arch for the character.

The series would be offered first to CBS, which airs The Big Bang Theory.


In a departure from The Big Bang Theory’s three-camera “sitcom” format, the prequel would be a single-camera comedy.

It is likely the show will be aired on Channel Nine in Australia but Channel 7 also now has some rights to the show, so the bidding war will be big.