A federal judge has ordered that Brendan Dassey, whose case was featured in the Netflix documentary Making A Murder, should be released from prison immediately.

The Wisconsin man was serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.

A judge ruled in August that police tricked him to confessing to killing her, using his low IQ to make him believed that he would not face any consequences for confessing the crime.

He is expected to be released today after a further ruling.

The federal judge has ordered that Dassey should not have any contact with Halbach’ family or with his uncle, Steven Avery who was also convicted of the murder.

He must also provide the address of his intended residence to the court, no later than noon on Tuesday, and will be barred from obtaining firearms or controlled substances.

Magistrate Judge William Duffin held that investigators made specific promises of leniency to Dassey and that no ‘fair-minded jurists could disagree.’


Dassey was sentenced to life in prison in 2007. Court documents described hm as a slow learner who had poor grades and could not understand language and speaking.

Avery was convicted in a separate trial and was also sentenced to life. He is now pursuing his own appeal.

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