We are all guilty of binge watching TV at times but what if your sole education of the outside world came from those shows and movies? 

A family of seven siblings in New York City relied on just that to get an understanding on what happens outside the confines of their apartment.

The siblings, who are the subject of a new documentary titled The Wolfpack, where ultimately restricted from the outside world due to their father’s paranoia. 

He possessed the only key to the apartment and kept the door locked for the majority of the time, while living on welfare payments with his wife, daughter and six sons. 

A rare outing on the streets of New York was when they were discovered by film maker Crystal Moselle, inspired by the way they were walking as such ‘wolfpack’, all with matching sunglasses – which was inspired by a favourite film, Reservoir Dogs. 

She slowly gained the trust of the young men, then aged between 11 and 18 and their family, and eventually was invited into their inner sanctum.


“It almost felt as if I had discovered a long lost tribe, except it was not from the edges of the world but from the streets of Manhattan,” Ms Moselle told The Daily Mail. 

‘All exceedingly bright, they have no acquaintances outside of their family and have practically never left home,’ the film’s press release reads.

The Wolfpack made it into the Sundance Film Festival this year and was given positive reviews. We hope we get to watch the film in full soon!

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