Charlie Pickering has pulled apart the Paleo diet and Pete Evan’s claims that “Food is Medicine”, in a rant on his show The Weekly.

On Sunday night, both Channel Seven and Nine aired segments on the Paleo diet, and the health benefits.

It mimics the way our ancestors would eat, i.e. removing dairy, sugars and most breads.

The diet increases the intake of meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

This is something that, by itself, it fine. Except that Pete Evans is convinced that “Food Is Medicine”.

On Channel Seven’s segment, they had Mike Willesee, veteran reporter, try out the diet.

“The diet promoted by a guy who writes books on Paleo is being assessed by a guy who writes a blog on paleo, on a network whose star is the face of Paleo and the only independent voice in this equation is Mike Willesee and he doesn’t even know what a market is,” Pickering said.


“Thankfully Paleo doesn’t say anything about cutting down on conflicts of interest.”

*Mild Language Warning*

H/T Mamamia

Photos: Instagram & The Weekly

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