A “cheating” scandal has prompted a fiery feud between The Voice Australia coaches Boy George and Kelly Rowland during the Knockout Rounds. 

Tensions reached boiling point as the Culture Club lead singer slammed the former Destiny’s Child member for allowing one of her contestants to perform an original song, rather than a cover.

The contestant in question – rapper Denzel – admitted to TV WEEK that he can’t sing, and was originally instructed to perform Childish Gambino’s This Is America. However, Kelly soon changed her mind during rehearsals, telling him to perform an original rap song instead. 

It didn’t really sit right with me having Denzel rap someone else’s song,” Kelly said on the show before selecting him to move through to the next round.

Boy George didn’t hesitate in voicing his strong opinion against Kelly’s decision to allow the rapper to ‘sing’ his original track while his rivals were forced to sing covers.


“It’s kind of naughty,” he exclaimed.

Kelly defended her decision though, saying, “When it comes to hip hop specifically… you can’t rap somebody else’s feelings… it doesn’t make any sense”.

Fellow coach Guy Sebastian sided with Kelly while Delta Goodrem agreed with Boy George. 

“That’s not fair,” Delta said.

“I am all for original music… but there is about 40 other people in this competition who would kill to sing their original so why should we just say Denzel can do it?”


When the two other singers up against Denzel agreed with Kelly’s decision, Boy George didn’t hesitate to express his irritation.

“Step up, guys, come on!” he yelled.

“Don’t just be compliant… We’re trying to look for an even playing field… this is a knockout, guys, it’s a competition. It’s not about, ‘Let’s all agree with Kelly’

“I mean, Amanuael, I was expecting some proper sass and you’re agreeing with Kelly when she’s completely wrong and it might mean that you’re going home! Everyone’s been breaking the rules this year, everyone!”

Boy George’s beef didn’t stop on air, and continued on social media.

“Still waiting to find out if my Artists can sing an original song…?” he tweeted.


When the feud came to an end, Kelly was visibly angry, telling a producer: “I was really upset for a second… I felt attacked”. 

The Voice continues tonight at 7pm on Channel Nine.

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