The Veronicas are all the buzz at the moment with new music and a new reality show on the way! But unfortunately the girls have had to deal with some pretty negative news at the same time following an incident on a plane in Sydney about a month ago.

Back in September, it was reported that Jess and Lisa Origliasso had been booted from a Qantas flight heading to Brisbane from Sydney following a dispute with cabin crew about baggage.

According to Qantas, the girls failed to follow cabin crew’s instructions and were removed from the flight by Australian Federal Police before the plane took off.

But the Veronicas hit back at this report, posting a statement at the time on Instagram say that these reports were “false and conflict with video recorded during the event”.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O about the incident, the twin sisters told us that they still didn’t understand why they were removed from the plane.

They attempted to explain the events leading up to their removal from the flight, telling us that they legitimately thought that it was part of some sort of prank.

“We were very confused. At the time it was a very intimidating and confusing experience,” Lisa told us.


“The first thing I want to clear up is nobody helped us with our bags, nor did we ask anyone to help us with our bags. We put our bags up ourselves.”

“There wasn’t an issue, that is what was so bizarre,” Jess added. “There was no issue from our end”.

Jess went on to explain that one of the flight attendants had asked them to turn one of their bags around in the overhead locker. This is when the whole incident began.

According to the girls, Lisa asked the flight attendant to assist so that she didn’t fall or drop the bag. The employee told the girls that it is against company policy for them to touch a passenger’s bag.

“She just made a really big deal saying that there’s a policy that she is not allowed to touch anyone’s bag or assist,” Jess said. “And then this nice guy behind us stood up and helped with the bags. And we sat down, no issues, end of story.”

While the Veronicas thought that was the end of it, the flight attendant then allegedly returned with her supervisor.


“She brought the supervisor back down the plane to come and lecture us about the policy which was really confusing because we were like, ‘We didn’t have an issue, maybe she has an issue’,” Jess told us.

“I asked for his name,” Lisa added.

“And he didn’t give it. He just said, ‘I’m getting security to take you off’,” Jess said. “They announced over the speaker that we were a security risk.”

The girls were in such shock that they thought maybe their friends over at MTV had been secretly filming them for the show ‘Punked’.

“Because we did this thing with MTV, Lisa’s like, ‘Maybe we’re being Punked?’,” Jess told us.

“I genuinely thought we were being Punked,” Lisa added.


“I think it’s easier for people to believe with celebrities involved that we were being diva little princesses and we can be diva princesses but it just didn’t happen,” said Jess.

The Veronicas decided to film the incident on their phone when they realised that this was a serious issue, which they are now contemplating releasing as part of their upcoming reality show.

“We might as well just put it in the show because we’d rather the public decide at that point…release it so the public can decide for themselves,” Jess concluded.

The Veronicas reality show ‘Blood Is For Life’ will be released on November 10 on MTV!

Hear more from our chat with The Veronicas in the video above.