Unless you have been living under a rock then you have seen the arguments and recent obsession with THAT dress.

First thing’s first: the dress is officially blue and black.

Now we have that out of the way… we can take a look at how the internet phenomenon all began.

The image  can be tracked back to a 21-year-old Scottish singer, Caitlin McNeill after she went to the wedding of a close friend.

The mother of the bride was wearing the now infamous dress but when the mother messaged her friend a photo they realised there was something very different about this item of clothing

While one was convinced that the dress was blue and black, the other was sure it was white and gold.

“What happened was two of my close friends were actually getting married and the mother of the bride took a photo of the dress to send to her daughter,” McNeill told the Business Insider.


“When my friend showed the dress to her fiancee, they disagreed on the colour.”

This lead the pair to post the image on Caitlin’s personal Facebook account – but instead of settling the argument it merely added fuel to the fire.

It was then that Caitlin decided to post the photo on her Tumblr fan page of Talent Manager Sarah Weichel – who manages such Youtube stars as Hannah Hart.

With Weichel’s name now attached to the image, the photo gained a whole new audience leading to the internet sensation it is today.

“The crazy thing is, I actually have nothing to do with the post. It’s literally just a fan account of me, so my name and my photos are all over the account,” Weichel told the Business Insider on Thursday.

“I actually don’t have anything to do with it. … But I have been getting a ton of phone calls and emails tonight.”


The post’s reach was so wide that even celebrities were making their opinion’s heard and McNeill was amazed that even Taylor Swift tweeted about the dress.

“I thought my followers on Tumblr would maybe have a good reaction, but I never would have considered that Taylor Swift and Mindy Kaling would be tweeting about it,” McNeill said.

It seems a number of witty Amazon users also couldn’t continue themselves, with the number of reviews on the shopping website increasing exponentially by the minute.

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