The club have said that the diagnosis of epilepsy is unrelated to his absence from football and that he also has some form of mental illness for which he’s being treated. Nothing but good wishes to Buddy in this fight, mental illness does not discriminate.

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When it was announced yesterday that Buddy Franklin was going to miss the key first AFL final, Australia was in a state of shock. The 10 million dollar man, has consistently performed for the Sydney Swans since making the move from Melbourne, fast becoming one of the most valuable – and most popular players in the team.


According to an article on the Daily Mail, Franklin suffered a seizure the day before taking the field last week for the Swans while he was at a Bondi cafe on Friday and is said to suffer from epilepsy. After the seizure, he was rushed to hospital, yet still took the field on Saturday.

The club came forward to reveal that they have known about Franklin’s condition for some time and will be supporting him all the way.

Head coach John Longmire said it was unclear when Franklin would return for the Swans.

Source: Daily Mail

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