The Bachelor Australia dropped two videos in the last 24 hours teasing the new season of the show.

Starring ex-survivor contestant Locky Gilbert as The Bachelor himself and woweee, I’m sweating.

Okay the first video isn’t really a video, more like a gif clip type thing but it’s of Locky walking down towards his car with a rose in hard and looking SHARP.

A 3-piece suit and bowtie? *fans self*

The second video is where all the tasty deets are, captioned “Locky’s ready for his biggest adventure yet…falling in LOVE😍.”


“Being in love is like…the best feeling in the world…it takes your breath away”, Locky starts.

No Locky, YOU take my breath away.

A montage of him cooking, showering (oh yeah), sky diving, rock climbing, scuba diving!

It’s so cliche and I love it so much and I’m frothing for this season.

We get a tiny look at some of the girls and there seems to be a favourite already.

“Sorry I just got lot in your eyes there”, Locky says whilst starring deep into the eyes of a very beautiful woman.


“Oh goodness me, you’re fairly good looking yourself”, the beautiful woman laughs and replies.

They both laugh.

I love watching beautiful people on my television.

The Bachelor is set to air soon after Bachelor in Paradise finished up on Channel 10!
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