It’s been revealed that a male model who starred in an iconic Australian TV Ad is Joel Creasey’s dad!

Joel revealed the goss during a panel discussion on attraction and masculinity in 2016 called ‘What Makes a Man’.

The young Aussie comedian told the audience “I don’t know if you remember the Solo man ads from the 80s, but my dad was the Solo man.”

Creasey went on to tell the audience his father was the one that runs up the hill with a dog, cracked a Solo and drinks it. 

“It’s a very manly ad for a lemon soft drink,” he added.

It’s a great example of how far we’ve come over the years with the change of stereotypical Aussie men.


Joel also went on to revealed that in the early years of his radio career in Perth, he was asked to alter his voice to sound more masculine.

“When I was working in radio I was told to sound more masculine, more like a guy, more like one of the dudes, but I didn’t do that and I’m so glad.” 

“I found it so weird because I was like ‘what does a dude sound like, what does a man sound like’ because all the guys I know, all my straight friends sound like me and I found it all so odd.”

“I was told to ‘man up’ so many times, but I don’t know what that means. I am a man, I’m the alpha male in my life.”

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