We have all sat around from time to time, listening to a Sia song or watching a video clip, wondering why she is wearing a wig.

She has previously said that it’s done to maintain privacy but when Sia dropped in to James Corden’s Late Late Show Car Pool Karaoke she went even further into the reasons why she hides her face.

Sia told Corden ” I don’t wear this unless there are cameras around. I only wear this to try and maintain a modicum of privacy”.

Going on discussing the wigs, Sia told James that before she was a huge star, she was an alcoholic and a drug addict. When she sobered up and her name was starting to grow, she found it ”destabilizing in some way. I thought what doesn’t exist in piop music at the moment? And it was mystery!”

You could say that by wearing the wigs there is now more attention on Sia but it was always going to be there..

Anyone with that voice is going to get attention!

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