They have been married for 32 years and raised three children, but that hasn’t stopped The Block’s Carleen and Dan from breaking hearts during the series.

The couple confirmed last month that after their time on the show they have been living separate lives in Western Australia.

“I still have commitments in Perth. Dan has two brothers who live down there, and he decided he wanted to work there,” Carleen, 55, said.

However, the couple has now begun gushing over each other in interviews on the show.

“He’s a pleasure to live with and share my life with,” said Carleen, the hairdresser. “He’s always supported every decision I’ve made.”

  Carleen’s kind words brought tears to Dan’s eyes, which fans have to indicate might’ve suggested the couple knew the news to be revealed.

Despite the emotional scenes and the show wrapping up, Dan has confessed they have been struggling in recent times, and they have failed to maintain their same level of lifestyle.


“We’re going broke doing this… The biggest challenge has been trying to get continual work and giving the boys a good education,” they said. “You push yourself to give your kids a better life.”

  “I’m just proud of the fact we’re still alive,” Carleen joked.