Known for his sharp wit, it’s hard to believe it took Jerry Seinfeld seven years to write a single joke.

The king of observational comedy admitted he got stuck on a joke about tuxedos that he just couldn’t finish.

“I’m happy with it now and I love the completely giant waste of time that it was. I could have written an entire act in the time I put into this one joke,” he said while promoting his upcoming Australian tour.

While he was egar to play down the quality of the joke, in relation to the length of time it took, we think it’s rather funny.

“My feeling on the tuxedo is that the reason we rent it is because it’s worn in situations where you just need to fool a small group of people for a short period of time,” Seinfeld said.

“Awards, honourings, strip joints, rip-off restaurants, casinos … there’s just a quick little scam here that we’re going to need this outfit for.

“That’s the essence of the joke and I don’t know why I could not find a way to express that, that that’s how I see tuxedos.”


This is the Hofmeister Kink. I point out on a new episode of CCC. #BMW2002tii

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His admission is reminiscent of a Seinfeld episode where the comedian couldn’t remember a joke he’d written after watching a late night sci-fi movie.

Jerry Seinfeld will tour Australia next year:

Fri. 4 Aug. — Perth Arena, Perth, WA

Sat 5 Aug. — Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, SA

Sun 6 Aug. — Hisense Arena, Melbourne, VIC


Wed 9 Aug. — Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, QLD

Fri. 11 Aug. — ICC Sydney Theatre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

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