The most terrifying thing everyone else in the world can expect in their toilet bowl is maybe something nasty left behind by someone gross… But, not in Australia: We get SNAKES.

Twice in as many weeks, Townsville residents have found not just any old little snake in their loo, but a python! The 3 metre and 2.4 metre snakes respectively slithered themselves into the bowls. But you really have to see to believe…

“The first one I got, the house was being renovated so it was a few tradesmen working there that came across it. I was definitely a bit surprised when it was in the toilet,” snake catcher Elliot Budd told CNN. “One lady told me on the phone that it was in the toilet. At first, I thought maybe somebody was just having a joke after the first one. I didn’t think I’d see two of them in the toilet. The lady very much wanted to get it out.”

So the moral of the story… If you live in North Queensland, don’t use the toilet ever again.

Source: Viral Thread

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