Yesterday, media went into overdrive when bikini model Lara Bingle and actor Sam Worthington removed all photo capturing their very public love story. Whilst initially a breakup was suspected, the real reason may be a bid to reclaim their privacy, Jay-Z and Beyonce style. 

Journalist Kasey Edwards says she received an email allegedly from Worthington hours before he removed evidence of his very public romantic life from the internet. According to Edwards, Worthington said, “I just wanted to say how much your article Role-playing with stolen baby photographs, affected me. It scared me and sickened me,” speaking of the writer’s piece on the disturbing practice of peole stealing baby pics to play sexual games. 

“I am adverse to sharing my life, it is critiqued enough. It was MY decision to pursue a line of work that puts me in the social spotlight, and it is MY decision how much I expose…Unfortunately, some often put their innocents in the spotlight … those that we are meant to protect and safeguard,” Worthington allegedly wrote to Edwards. 

If this email is genuine, it not only explains their sudden exit from Instagram but points to the very real possibility the Bingle/Worthington baby is on the way and this is driving Worthington to keep his personal life private. 

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