When you think of the 2015 VMAs, you think of two things: Kanye West’s 14-minute ramble that culminated in him announcing his desire to run for president – and Justin Bieber crying on stage.

Many thought that the performance and the pressure had just taken it out of him and he was exhausted, but the truth is, there’s more to it.

After an impressive performance of his new smash ‘What Do You Mean?’ – which involved him flying into the air, Justin receieved a standing ovation, which saw him crouching down and crying into his hands. He struggled to compose himself during the applause as host Miley Cyrus made awkward joked to try and move things along.

For the last few months, Justin has been laying low and spending time with a priest in a bid to reaccess his life,

“He worked so hard, not just on the performance but himself,” a source close to Biebs told Gossip Cop.
“He didn’t know how people would accept him. When he saw them on their feet cheering, he was overwhelmed.
“Last time he was on an award show he was booed. This time he was cheered for. It meant a lot to him,” the source said.

‘What Do You Mean?’ is Justin’s first solo in years.

Source: news.com.au

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