Could Sydney be getting it’s own Real Housewives series? is reporting the makers of Foxtel’s “Real Housewives Of Melbourne” have been sussing out Sydney and The Gold Coast as settings for a potential spin off…

Filming for the second season for The Real Housewives of Melbourne has only just kicked off, but there are rumours of a long-term view to expand the franchise.

“I think we can handle another,” Kylie Washington, Show EP, told

“It will never be like the States where there are several different franchises running. It’s not sustainable and you don’t want to flood the market. But I think there’s scope to take it (elsewhere).”

“We’d love to do a Housewives everywhere. This show has obviously piqued people’s interest because this is something that hasn’t been explored that much. The voyeuristic side of all of us has been delighted.”


How exciting!

Do you think Real Housewives should be on the Gold Coast, or Sydney?

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