If you’re like me, you probably have one reasonably nice handbag that you work in with all your different outfits. 

One’s enough… afterall, nice handbags are VERY expensive!! 

However, it has been revealed that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth has HUNDREDS of on particular brand of purse. 

According to the CEO of Launer London, Gerald Bodmer, they have supplied the Queen with over 200 of its purses. 

The luxury handbag company have had their purses snapped on the Queen’s arm at countless public appearances and special events including Duchess Kate and Prince William’s 2011 wedding. 

The purses definitely do NOT come cheap either… 

The bags that Her Majesty favours can cost over $3000 AUD! 


It has been noted that the Queen does recycle the bags for events though.

Bodmer said “I recently saw her with an old one with a metal-plate structure” to the Daily Mail

“She keeps all the bags and even all the Queen’s Mother’s bags. It’s amazing how they last. They’re structured, that’s our strength.” 

It is understood that Buckingham Palace typically orders five bags per year from the brand, though it only requested two in 2015 and hasn’t ordered in 2016 as of yet. 

In terms of customisation, Bodmer revealed that the Queen often asked for the andles to be elongated, so that it is easier for Her Majesty to shake hands with people more easily. 



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