Ready to shake things up and conquer your dreams?

Look no further than Georgie Stevenson, the voice behind The Rise and Conquer Podcast.

Georgie, a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, has captured the attention of Australian’s thanks to her popular self-help podcast which is all about harnessing your dreams.

“It’s for those who want to be inspired to take bold action, live unapologetically and conquer their goals,” she told us.

Two years ago, Georgie quit her corporate job and had “no idea what I was doing.”


Now, she’s the host of an incredibly successful podcast, which empowers women to take bold action and better their lives.

Alongside special guests weekly, including Amy Sheppard and Emily Skye, Georgie chats about all thing’s health, mastering your mindset, creating lasting habits, thriving in your career and relationships – and that’s just the start of it!

“People come to our podcast to find the actionable tools and steps they’re looking for, in order to fulfill their dream life,” she said.

“Whether that’s taking control of finances, mastering their health or mindset, creating a solid routine or turning their passions into business.”

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Unlike other self-help podcasts, this one actually gives you the tools to make things happen – and stick.

So why not use the time you have on your hands at the moment for positive change?

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