It’s official, we’re more than a little jealous of Jessica Chastain.

Apart from having an incredible career and remaining down to earth, she was also lucky enough to star opposite Chris Hemsworth in The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

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Now she’s revealing what it’s like to work with the Aussie hunk, and more importantly, is he a good kisser?

Talking to Ellen, the star admitted “He’s a very good kisser”, before adding “He’s perfect, annoyingly. Elsa’s a lucky woman.”.

So just how perfectly annoying is he?


Well going by this description, pretty darn annoying…

“Not only is he just perfect to look at… He’s like a foot taller than me so he’s probably 6’5, he’s really funny and he’s got the most beautiful, perfect family and he’s a great Dad. It’s just like ugh,” she elaborated.

Chastain also admitted she was still mortified by the moment she decided to spank Madonna on stage at a concert.

Oh yes… It gets embarrassing on @theellenshow today 4pm PST on @cbstv

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“I think she was trying to rescue me because I was super awkward,” she explained of the moment Madonna got down on her hands and knees in front of her.

“The funny thing is, as I started to do it – you can tell on my face, I was like ‘I don’t know what I should be doing’.


“And then the look on the dancers faces behind are like ‘She’s touching Madonna!’.”

We’re pretty sure Madonna didn’t mind.

Just call it a gut feeling!

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