As you probably already know, Justin Bieber launched his his new video clip for comeback song, ‘What Do You Mean?’ at the 2015 VMAs.

The video, like the song was met with much praise, as Bieber decided to follow the lead of many of his fellow artists like Taylor Swift, by going with a ‘mini movie-style’ clip.

Now, if you haven’t seen it, know that the clip is VERY raunchy.

Biebs enlisted the help of supermodel Xenia Deli to tell the saucy story and let me tell, it is HOT.

One thing you may not have seen however (and it’s competely understandable by the way – who can focus when Biebs has his shirt off?) is a particular name written on the wall in the skate part of the clip – around the 4.10 mark.


Look closely to the right and you’ll see the letters ‘ELENA’ written on the wall. However The Def Jam Records photo clearly shows the letter sitting at the front that’s cut off in the clip – an ‘S’. 

Well, it certainly seems the writing’s on the wall, doesn’t it?



Source: Buzzfeed

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