Get ready for more spine tingling & creepy sensations because Netflix has FINALLY revealed when the next season of YOU will be ready for us to binge.

As we all know, the series follows a male bookstore manager named Joe (played by Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley) who forms a crush, and sinister obsession, with an aspiring female writer (played by Elizabeth Lail).

The second season will be loosely based on the original novel’s sequel, Hidden Bodies, and will see Joe move from the big apple to LA.


In an interview with Cosmopolitan, YOU Co-creator Sera Gamble revealed some insights about the upcoming season.


“We’ll be going into Joe’s early life in season two, and naturally we want to know more and move around in his entire life,” Gamble said.

“I will say that the whole time we’re in the writers’ room talking about what that story could be, or what flashbacks or glimpses into his life we might catch, this has been a guiding principle for us; he had a pretty terrible childhood and that does contribute to who he is as an adult.

“But we also wanted to make it clear that a lot of us had shitty childhoods and most of us don’t do what Joe Goldberg does – we’re trying to walk that line.”



If you haven’t seen the first season, you can catch it all on Netflix!

You’ll need to block out a day in advance though, because you will DEFINITELY binge it all!!

YOU season 2 hits your living room on Boxing Day, December 26.

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