There is nothing more nerve-wracking in the world than a first date.

It can leave some people completely nervous and lost for words but on the New Zealand version a man found himself doing the complete opposite.

Sitting down opposite his date, the man called Tian Tan was wearing a bold black and white skull design sweatshirt while sipping nervously on his water.

After telling his date she looks more ‘mature’ than 19 years-old, they seem a little stuck for chat inspiration.

As the date starts to get a conversation going and we discover that he is an actor before his date asks him to play a role.

It all goes down hill from here as she suggests he plays a ‘really annoying, cocky guy” Despite looking a little flustered, after a short pause he replies: “Um, I love t*ts in my face”. 


Never the phrase you want to hear on a first date.

His date looks completely taken aback and tries to conceal her surprise by hiding behind her wine glass.

And it didn’t get much better, as the couple found issues when they went to pay for their meal.


As they approach the bar to settle the bill the young man asks: “You wanna split the bill?”. A fair request, it is 2016 after all.

However, it seems equality wasn’t on his date’s mind when she left the house, as she pointedly answers: “I’ve actually got no money on me at the moment”.

Rather bemused, he asks why, but she simply says: “I didn’t think I needed to bring money”. With no more choice other than to pay, he finally opts to settle the bill

Channel 7 airs the Australian version of the show on Tuesday nights at 7:30PM.