They’ve already been cast as My Kitchen Rules’ baddies, but just in case you had any doubt, Amy and Tyson really proved things in Wednesday night’s episode.

As the contestants gathered at western Sydney’s David and Betty’s instant restaurant, talk turned to what the contestants did in the real world.

As the attention turned from Thor-look-alike Kyle’s profession as a bear wrestler (yeah, just kidding – he’s a bartender), Caz tried her best to guess Amy’s profession – landing on teacher.

“God, I hate kids,” she exclaimed to the shock of the table before revealing she works in HR.

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The looks on Damo and Caz’s face pretty much summed things up as he asked off camera “who says that?!”.


Bek and Ash were just as critical of the Brisbane team, later telling the camera Amy didn’t come across as a “people person”.

And if the rest of the teams hadn’t made up their mind about the brother and sister, Tyson soon sealed the deal.

When asked what he did, with Damo guessing ‘traddie’, Tyson remained tight-lipped.

Mysterious? Competitive? Uptight? Guess we’ll have to keep watching MKR to find out!

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