So in case you were wondering, we now know which couples on this season of Married At First Sight have, you know, banged and which ones are yet to take their relationship to the next level.

Or as love expert Dr Trisha would say a little bit more eloquently, which couples have been “intimate” with each other.

The reason we know is because basically as soon as the dinner party started tonight, being the first dinner party of the season, the girls are quick to gather and gossip about the subject matter.

As they sit together on the couch Poppy says, “So, I wonder who has banged”, which of course opens up the can of worms and we continue on to find out the 411 on the whole thing.

So basically, no surprise here, Josh and Cathy have been intimate with one another. And this is no surprise because really they’re the only couple right now that we not only love together but think could make things work on the outside.


Not only does Cathy confirm this news to her MAFS gal pals, which don’t worry, she checked it was okay to do so with Josh first, but both her and Josh speak about the experience in a piece-to-camera before the dinner party.

Josh explained that their relationship had been going smoothly and one night they put on a horror movie (which he thought was very clever because it meant Cathy would want to be closer to him) and one thing led to another.

Cathy also opened up about it saying that “it was good” before giggling uncontrollably.

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So basically we think these two should go and get married for reals right now because they’re hands down the Cam and Jules of 2020.


Now, onto the other couples. Everyone else said that they hadn’t taken their relationship to the “banging” stage apart from, and this one surprised us, Stacey and Michael.

Now the only reason this was surprising is because their wedding was the opposite to Cathy and Josh, being that Stacey didn’t like Michael at all until her friends found out that he was a wealthy businessman.

They also had a massive fight on their honeymoon when Michael went out drinking. So how all of that leads to sex, we’re not entirely sure. But hey, good for them!


No doubt we’ll hear about all of these banging details once again when the Commitment Ceremony takes place on Sunday night because Dr Trisha LOVES to know details!

The commitment ceremony takes place Sunday Night at 7PM on Channel 9.

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