It’s the moment so many people have been waiting for.

The Loch Ness Monster has been found.

It’s just not what we expected at all..

It’s in no way a ”beast”, it’s actually just 30ft of plywood and canvas.

An underwater robot located the model of the Monster in the 755ft deep water.

It was built in 1969 for a movie called The Private Life Of Sherlock Homes and was clearly never removed from the water.

Loch Ness expert Adrian Shine said ”We have found a monster – but not the one many people might have expected.”


He carried on to say the shape, measurements and location pointed to the object being the long lost prop.

The prop is also so close to the descriptions of the monster, that it used to even sport the famous humps on the back but they have now disappeared  after the film makers thought it looked stupid.

The problem was, by getting rid of the jumps, the model sank and has been in the water ever since.

The model was found by a robot, operated by Norwegian company Kongsberg, which has been searching the depths of Loch Ness in the most extensive search ever carried out.


Some people will never stop believing, though..

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